Wishing for the weekend

So, it’s almost the end of the day, and I could actually leave right now if I wanted to. And then the weekend is here.

Of course, this is the wrong weekend. There’s no game this week.

However, I have a lot of game work to do. I’m in the exciting phase, the early days of planning a new campaign where every idea is great and the potential seems limitless.  This next campaign will and Eberron campaign run with Savage Worlds rules rather than D&D.  The theory is that Savage Worlds runs “pulp” style games better than D&D, and my players are enjoying SW and aren’t interested in going back to D&D. So I’ve been working on a hack for Eberron in Savage worlds.

There’s some good work out there.  A fine gentleman named Christian Serrano has created an entire conversion document that lays out his approach to the setting — and he’s made some excellent design choices in there.  Of course, I wouldn’t be a card carrying uber-nerd if I didn’t quibble over a few things and want to make my own changes to his version, so now I have created my own.

Another change I’m contemplating is moving away from Obsidian Portal. I’ve been using their tools for quite some time now, and I like them, but they’re an added expense and I don’t think my players are getting much use out of it.  I can provide the same sort of functionality they’re getting with this site and with google docs.

So, that’s a start. It’s going to be exciting.

Restored to life

The Radiating Gnome site is coming back again. After lying fallow for a few years after getting junked up with assorted shitware, I’m going to start rebuilding from scratch.

A major focus of the site will be my gaming activities, which span several game systems.  These days I primarily run Savage Worlds, but I’m a fan of Fate, and regularly play or run Dungeons and Dragons (5e). So, as I putter around there will be content for any and all of those games.