Rising Again from the Grave

I’ve been a very, very, very lazy blogger.

Like, more than lazy. I checked, and my last post in this blog was long before Covid, which makes it feel like it was written at a very different time, by a very different person. But, here I am.

The landscape has changed a lot. Content about gaming feels like it’s everywhere — especially on video platforms. Is there still room for text blogging? Should I be trying to create a video channel like one of my friends (d20play), or jump into podcasting like some others(metagamers anonymous)?

The one thing I’m sure I don’t want to do is start posting on Elon Musk’s Twitter.

Thinking this way is silly — if I’ve demonstrated one thing over the past mumble-mumble years it’s that I don’t stick to this very long when I start up blogging again, so thinking very hard about it as a long-term project is silly as all hell. I’m going to focus on putting out a few thoughts now and then. Link to some resources. Share some ideas. Make some trouble. And see if anyone notices.

So, the Gnome is back. Hi.